News article published by ibtimes in relation to what are bodies are doing to themselves - Western diets


Where am I now?

So far in my blog I have mentioned only my past with IBS & Food Intolerances, I'm feeling brave enough to go on from this & begin to write about my life now. I'm going to briefly explain where I am now as far as my health is concerned & continue to share my on... Continue Reading →

The Immunology side of things.

Some people may already know that our immune & digestive systems are connected. If ones bad, the other will suffer. Going back a few years now I had no idea about how the immune system can effective the digestive system, in my other post *Digestion, not as simple as I thought * I briefly covered... Continue Reading →

Why are we suffering now?

On a previous post I mentioned that I believe there is a deeper reason as to why more of us are suffering with allergies/intolerances. This will be mostly based on my own opinions along with discussions that I have had with people. If your like me you always seem to always want to know the... Continue Reading →

Reasons behind my blog

I'm rather new to this Blog thing, as you might be able to tell so I think the best way I can begin is with an overview of what this is all about. As you may of guessed already, I'm writing about how having Intolerances to certain foods can have an impact on day to... Continue Reading →

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